Friday, March 23, 2012

Architectural Replication in Studio Parks

Following on from my last post which made available a resource I'd compiled, I present this next webpage which allows for easy comparison of the replica Hollywood buildings used in Disney's Hollywood Studios, Disney California Adventure, Walt Disney Studios and Universal Studios Florida.

Recently, I've become fascinated with facades (facadinated?). In researching the authenticity of theme park facades, I found a wonderful resource on on the replicas in the studio parks ( Though hours of staring revealed intriguing details, my hand quickly grew tired scrolling up and down between the images, each time attempting to remember what the previous image looked like. So to help myself, I put together this webpage to easily compare the images side-by-side, and thought others might find it useful. Do give a visit for further great descriptions, history, insights and explanations for each of the images.


Except where otherwise noted, these images were compiled by Werner Weiss for, a fantastic resource, not myself.
All credit goes to him for the fantastic work he did in putting these investigations together.
I am solely reorganising their arrangement on this page.

The webpage can be found at:


  1. Thanks for doing the work of putting the images side by side... it's a great resource.

  2. Here is info on the inspiration of some of the Disneyland Mainstreet USA inspirations: