Thursday, November 4, 2010

Backstories: TH13TEEN at Alton Towers Theme Park

Here's another backstory from a non-Disney park, that of the roller coaster TH13TEEN - marketed as the world's first 'psychocoaster'. Throughout the queue, tree roots and branches can be seen wrapped around statues, signs and even a truck. I STRONGLY recommend watching the great commercial I've posted below.

Also, 'the old Corkscrew site' refers to the Corkscrew roller coaster that was demolished to provide room for this new attraction.


Clearance and excavation works at the forest’s edge, on the old Corkscrew site, have unearthed an ancient burial ground and the ruins of a crypt. But amidst the disturbance, strange happenings have been reported… the forest is growing at an alarming rate, seemingly consuming everything in its path, stopping the exploration work in its tracks.

The excavation structures and equipment serve as a means of investigation for those that dare, but beware… the structure is far from stable. The forest has an overpowering force… it is taking control. Some believe it to be alive… attempting to reclaim lost souls back to the earth.

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