Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Kingdom Forgotten By Time!

Deep in the jungles of South America, 1935.

Explorers and adventurers are returning with tales of a land time forgot and where dinosaurs still walk the earth! Undisturbed by humankind, these monsters of the past live in peace on a huge volcanic plateau heretofore inaccessible.

But now, the Primeval World Ballooning Co. is offering mere tourists the chance to glimpse at these magnificent monsters from the basket of a hot air balloon. In a jungle clearing at the base of the dinosaur plateau, guests find the Primeval World Ballooning Co. has set up shop, titillating guests with posters, fossils and drawings of the creatures they will soon discover in 'The Kingdom Forgotten By Time!'.

The guests board their hot air balloons and rapidly ascend inside a fissure in the mountainside. As they emerge, a wondrous site beholds them; a magnificent panoramic vista across the dinosaur kingdom! Their balloon floats amongst the sights; dinosaurs at a watering hole, herds of beasts running across the plains, and a primeval landscape beyond of virgin jungles, volcanoes and mountains.

But wait! The earth shakes violently and black smoke billows from the volcano! It’s erupting, and violent winds toss and turn the balloon through the darkening sky! In the storm of falling rock, the balloon is hit, severing the guests from their transportation and sending their basket careening into the jungle!

Falling through the trees, the basket finally lands on thick branches high up in the canopy, the burst balloon now hanging in tatters across the leaves. A family of pterodactyl is fiercely guarding its nest full of eggs from a marauding T-Rex right in front of them! The T-Rex is startled by the guests and roars angrily, the sound alone knocking the basket from the canopy and sending it tobogganing down the mountainside – the ferocious T-Rex footsteps chasing behind!

The basket skids into another clearing, where a huge stegosaurus is feeding! It swings its enormous tail, hitting the basket and catapulting the guests out of the jungle, where they land precariously on the edge of a ravine! On the rock face in front of the guests, they can see the T-Rex shadow emerging from the forest and violently knocking down trees in its hunt for the guests! One of those trees lands in front of the guests, tipping the basket and sending it sliding across the ravine – until the tree snaps and the basket falls into the gushing river!

The basket bobs amongst the rapids, sailing into a lagoon of brontosaurus then a garden of gigantic insects and carnivorous plants along the riverbank, snapping at the guests! The basket sails into dark cave and finds itself in an ice cavern; sabre-toothed tigers watching the guests intently. But that’s not all there is to worry about! The T-Rex can be seen through the transparent ice walls, trying to break through and shattering the rocks all around!

As the cave begins to collapse, the basket floats into a steamy minefield of violent geysers, spewing boiling water high into the air! The guests soon find out what’s causing them as they are blown into the air by a giant waterspout and land on a piece of rock floating in a river of lava! The guests are inside the volcano!

Jostled and bumped on the glowing torrent of molten rock, the guests float beneath a giant ribcage from some perished behemoth, their first sign they are in … a dinosaur graveyard! There are skeletons and bones all around them, scavenged by raptors! But the worst is yet to come, at the centre of the cavern, now seen in full for the first time, is the T-Rex! It towers above them, thrashing and lashing out with its claws and teeth - a beast at the centre of a hellish volcanic inferno!

But wait – a pterodactyl swoops at the T-Rex, startling it! And another! And another! It is the pterodactyl family the guests saved from the T-Rex. With the T-Rex distracted, one pterodactyl lands on the basket itself, picking it up with its claws and carrying it out of the volcano and out of the reaches of the vicious T-Rex!

Soaring above the primeval landscape once more, the guests take one last look at a world unable to be tamed by man, crisscrossed with rivers of water and lava. The basket is carried back to safety at the base of the plateau, where the pterodactyl drops the basket and flies off. The guests have survived their encounter with dinosaurs!

The Kingdom Forgotten By Time! uses state of the art Kuka arm technology to take guests into an exciting pulp adventure to a land of dinosaurs. Brand new innovations include the use of Soarin' style screens to create the illusion of soaring over the primeval world and the use of vehicle elevators to add height and simulate falls within the attraction, but the attraction must surely be recognised for its changing ride vehicles:

Guests begin their journey with a fake balloon canopy above their heads, which disappears out of view on a retractable arm. Later, when the pterodactyl picks up the guests, a simple animatronic is spun around so guests can see themselves actually being carried.

With its blending of pulp adventure, new technology and fantastically immersive environments, this attraction is sure to cause a ROAR!

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