Friday, June 4, 2010

The Incredibles: Omnidroid Attack!

WARNING!! A rampaging robot has been seen in downtown Metroville leaving damage and destruction throughout the city! Experts have identified it as one of defeated supervillain Syndrome's evil OMNIDROIDS! Can anything stop this artificially intelligent machine? Calling all Supers! Metroville needs you!!

The Incredibles: Omnidroid Attack! is designed as a unique twist on the classic Dumbo spinner; this will be a solid C-ticket attraction with a contemporary theme and a brand new ride experience. Essentially, the ride takes the mechanism of a classic spinner, but attaches a Mad Tea Party style teacup to each of the arms. From this, guests will not only have control vertically of their vehicle, they can also rotate their vehicle on its axis.

The ride is themed to the Omnidroid machine from The Incredibles film. Guests will first see the contraption standing menacingly over rubble and debris, and can then enter the queue made up of yellow police caution tape. Through flash news reports on nearby televisions and a news van in the middle of the queue, guests will be presented with the back-story: this AI controlled machine is one of the many prototype robots Syndrome built as part of Operation Kronos. Despite the supervillain’s death, the creation has escaped and still plans on completing its programmed mission; to destroy Metroville and all Supers!

Mr Incredible has decided the best way to disable the creature: all the guests, as superheroes themselves, will need to climb aboard one of the robots arms (each themed as a different component – sensors, weapons, etc.) and use its controls to shake the construction apart. Rising up out of the ground once the guests are safely seated, the rousing theme of The Incredibles will play as the Omnidroid begins to spin. Using the spin wheel in front of them or the Up and Down control buttons, the guests will begin their task of shutting down the evil machine! Hearing words of encouragement and direction from Mr Incredible himself over their vehicle communicator, the Omnidroid will grow increasingly out of control! For the first time in a spinner attraction, the machine will reverse its revolution direction - spinning backwards! - as its hisses and beeps in frustration. Lasers, smoke and frying circuitry all across its surface will light up until eventually the guests efforts immobilise it and it collapses back to the ground, ready for the guests to exit.

Being more of a thrill ride, this will the first spinner to push beyond the very young target demographic of other spinners and make it something unique. Its theme will be particularly popular with young boys, but the physical thrills and exciting storyline will ensure it will provide enjoyment to guests of all ages.

The attraction will have 16 arms each holding 4 persons for a capacity of 64 people per cycle. With a ride time of just under 90 seconds, this creates a THRC of 2560 people. Each vehicle will be pivoted at the end of its arm to eliminate the leaning of similar spinner attractions – especially important with the Tea Party style lateral forces, and ensuring the safety of the guests. Seatbelts will of course be required. The cost of the attraction should equal the cost of similar spinners; the under construction Jasmine’s Flying Carpets, for example, should cost around $22 million.

The ride could fit in a number of locations in Disney parks worldwide;

- Pixar Place at Disney’s Hollywood Studios could use this attraction to give representation to The Incredibles and add a quick and fun C-ticket attraction to the park which it currently lacks.

- Various other Hollywood themed sections, such as Hollywoodland at Disney California Adventure Park or Walt Disney Studios Paris could include this, emphasising the animation origins.

- The robot concept could even justify it’s placement in a Tomorrowland, either as a replacement or compliment to the existing Rocket Jets style attractions.

- Or it could be included in a brand new superhero themed land, alongside Marvel characters or as an Incredibles themed miniland.

Using a brand new twist on an existing classic, cost effective and with a wildly popular contemporary theme, The Incredibles: Omnidroid Attack! is sure be a BAM! KAPOW! hit.

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  1. I'm not sure about this, its just a simple spinning dumbo ride, you've put so many special effects and back story into it, is it a thrill ride or a kiddie ride