Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dissecting Disney's Lands - Complete Series

I have now completed my Dissecting Disney's Lands series, an exploration of the themes and subthemes that populate Disney Magic Kingdom-style parks worldwide that has reached over 10,000 words - I certainly didn’t expect it to become this expansive!

Dissecting Disney's Lands Part 1: Adventureland

Dissecting Disney's Lands Part 2: Frontierland

Dissecting Disney's Lands Part 3: Fantasyland

Dissecting Disney's Lands Part 4: Tomorrowland

Dissecting Disney's Lands Part 5: Main Street USA

I hope it has been a worthwhile read, and I want to send my thanks to those that have taken the time to email me and share their thoughts and compliments. I sincerely appreciated each one - they really helped motivate me to continue this. I also want to thank Jan Vincent for her wonderful Jan’s World Disney website – specifically for the list of land attractions, which has been wonderfully useful in compiling this. I have no doubt I will return to this in time, so if you have any comments and suggestions, please contact me!

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