Saturday, May 1, 2010

Disneyland Aesthetics

Sorry for the lack of updates recently, that would be due to my university course coming to and end, and having to work to meet all my final deadlines. However, these same deadlines should provide some new content in the coming weeks.

Just yesterday I handed in my dissertation project, 'Disneyland Aesthetics', an 11,000 word piece examining whether film aesthetic theory can be applied to the Disney parks. On Wednesday I shall be handing in 'A Disney World', an exploration of globalization and the Walt Disney Company, and shortly after that will be handing in a project examining the cultural impacts of Disneyland Paris. All of these will eventually make their way to this blog, so stay with me!

As for The Neverland Files, I have a lot of new content still to upload (including very, very rare concept art) so stay tuned!

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