Sunday, February 7, 2010

Backstories: Grizzly Peak

In this Backstories series, I want to collect together the prosaic backstories and descriptions the Imagineers write to outline their attraction projects. These range from verbal tours of the ride, describing what the guest will see and when they'll see them, to the fictional histories and stories written to establish a location and explain why things are the way they are there. These backstories are often extremely well written, provide a depth of information about an attraction, and are quite simply just fun to read.

The first backstory is for the Grizzly Peak area in the Golden State land of Disney's California Adventure. This is one of the few backstories that is directly told to the guests, inscribed upon a rock near the entrance to the Grizzly River Run.

The Legend of Grizzly Peak

Long ago, Ah-ha-le, the Coyote met Oo-soo-ma-te, the Grizzly Bear on top of the mountain. Seeing that the Grizzly was a powerful being, Coyote asked him to always watch over and protect the land. Then one day, people came and tried to chase Oo-soo ma-te from the mountain. But Grizzly was strong and held his ground. When Coyote saw the brave bear standing alone against so many, he turned Oo-soo-ma-te into stone so he could never be driven away. To this day, people claim they can hear the great bear spirit in the wind that roars through the caverns and trees of Grizzly Peak.

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